Peak Life Medical Lab

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Routine health checks have never been this easy

Reliable clinical kits that may help you routinely monitor your health status with the correct information at hand.

How Does It work

  • Step 1

    At-Home saliva sample collection using swab provided in the kit

  • Step 2

    Free-of-charge sending of sample to partner laboratory for analysis

  • Step 3

    Faster and accurate personalized results mailed to you with actionable insights

We Help Make Shopping Safe, Easy & Comfortable

You can order all our at home test kit via our easy to navigate website right from the comfort & safety of your home.

Select Your At Home Test Kit

What’s in your kit?

  • Sturdy box with user manual Safe kit to avoid any in-transit damage & instruction manual for easy understanding.
  • Saliva Swab A single easy-to-use sterilized personal sample collection swab
  • Saliva Collection Tube Collect your sample and safely place it inside the tube to avoid contamination
  • Free-Return Envelope Put in your sample and send it back to our laboratory absolutely free of cost.